We Know the Value of  Connection


Greater connection in life brings greater meaning, to self, to relationships, to work.

Operating on autopilot, rushing through the important things, feeling stressed and overwhelmed? Join us for a gentle reconnection to what makes life meaningful for you. 

We provide coaching, groups events which support you in connecting to yourself, connecting to what is most important in your life and connecting with others in a meaningful and enriching way. 



Connecting in small groups can bring opportunity to share wins and challenges in a safe place, a way to connect with others that is meaningful and heartful. These small groups provide a rich growth opportunity providing a safe place to practice new skills and reprogram old patterns and ways of relating to self and others. 

“There is a nobility in compassion, a beauty in empathy, a grace in forgiveness.” John Connolly

You have found a safe place to rest a while. We are all experiencing the exhaustion of the pace of life, the pressure to overcome and be wonderful.

Please take a moment to rest, soften and acknowledge how amazing you are in this moment.

Need support that is why we are here, to support you one on one, in small groups and as part of a growing community of people who would like to see life on earth change to be connected, nourishing and joyful.


Steps to deeper connection and meaning in life

Nurturing & Healing – creating space to connect with self, one on one coaching

Clarity & Connection – join a small group, have big discussions

Thrive & Inspire – Join or truth talks series, engage in meaningful work in the world, share your story



‘When the sunshine of loving-kindness meets the tears of suffering, the rainbow of compassion arises’

Our Blog

The latest tips, tools  and musings sharing ways that we can enjoy more connection, compassion and meaning in life. 

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