Meet Karen

Karen Plumbe

I am passionate about bringing community together to learn and grow. I’m an experienced coach, events manager and community champion from Coffs Harbour, NSW and have worked in the non-profit and health industry for nearly two decades. I specialise in supporting individuals to tell their unique stories. I am always fascinated by the person who’s willing to stand alone, and do something different from the crowd. What inspires them, what makes their story unique?

The Formal Bit

I have undertaken a broad range of training and personal growth to provide this service. Below you will find more details about some of the formal training that I have undertaken. While I recognise that formal training is fundamental to providing an evidence-based and beneficial service, I also recognise the value of embodying the learning, practicing in my own life, and incorporating joy, creativity and life experiences into the learning journey.


Graduate Diploma of Psychology

Karen completed a Graduate Diploma of Psychology at Monash University in 2021. 


Emotional Freedom Technique

Karen has undertaken training in basic, advanced and Trauma Buster Technique to use EFT to clear old patterns and healing the body. 


Action Learning Facilitation Training

Action Learning is a unique way to bring people together to solve complex challenges, receive support, to be heard and to go past the limits of our thinking when alone. 


Mindful Self Compassion Teacher

Completed training with the Centre for Mindful Self Compassion to be an accredited MSC teacher.


Psych K

Psych-K – supporting change in subconscious beliefs and patterns easily and painlessly. 


Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Use the natural way that your mind learns and changes to create change in areas of your life that support you to achieve your goals. 

Lets get deeper

I too have struggled immensely with my own story, sought out multiple healing modalities and journeyed the path of self-development for many years. I have always felt like I see the world through different eyes. I notice as human beings we have an incredible capacity for kindness, compassion, and love,  yet we live in a world that is crippled by violence, hatred, and generations of complex trauma. 

It is my belief that we can change the way we relate to ourselves and to one another. To cultivate more kindness, nurturing, and compassion for the challenges that we face and recognize our common humanity when dealing with others. 

I love deep conversations that open the heart to discover what is most valuable in life. The reasons that you jump out of bed in the morning, scale the highest peaks, and give generously to help another. 

I have done a few courses and events with Karen. These include ONGO, Mindful Self Compassion as well as Truth Talks. Karen creates a clam, safe, respectful space that, in these modern times is so necessary – and hard to find. She has a wealth of knowledge from her own education and experiences. She is passionate about sharing and helping those who chose to journey with her. Compassionate, rewarding, safe, calm, genuine, intelligent, kind, knowledgeable and greatly beneficial are a few words to describe Karen and her work.


Karen’s dedication to helping others and creating forums to provide a place where everyone is valued, seen, and heard is a needed asset for connection and relationships in community. The unique forum of Truth Talks reflects Karen’s genuine interest in people, their stories and helping others be inspired by them. In many cases it has been a catalyst for other beneficial relations to grow and expand. Karen’s valuable overall vision is worthy of being supported and I highly recommend working with Karen in helping her vision expand and grow.


Karen brings gentleness and wisdom to her coaching, making each session a highly supportive experience. Most importantly Karen empowers us to ask the questions of ourselves which are most needed to lead us towards the answers we long for. Teaching us tools along the way, which means we can show up for ourselves with more support and kindness. 

Hilary - Coffs Coast