Upcoming Events/ Programs

Clarity & Connection

Fortnightly Wednesday evening 8 – 8.45pm. Starting 16th June

Compassion Meditation Group

Join us fortnightly to be guided in meditation to cultivate compassion, kindness and care for yourself and the world. 

Payment by Donation 


Starting 22nd July – Thursday evenings

ONGO – Everyday Nonviolence Group

Daily practices in Mindfulness, Non-Violent Communcation and More. Based on the Book by Catherine Cadden and Jesse Weins.

Payment by Donation

Coming Soon

Meeting Needs Program

The meeting needs challenges are designed to break down each need, to support learning about what the need is, how we like this need to be met and how to recognise this need in others.

When we have the ability to recognise our own needs, how we can meet them, how to communicate them we form the foundation of functional relationships and fulfilling life.

Disfunction happens when we place the burden of meeting our needs onto other people without really knowing how we would like that need met in our own life.


Coming Soon

Stress Solutions

Stress has become so common in our lives and almost normalised to be stressed and busy. 

Stress is not normal and is not helpful or healthy for the body. Join us for this short group program learning many short term and long term strategies to reduce stress and enjoy more ease and peace in your life. 


Thrive & Inspire

Starting Soon

Thrive Groups – Action Learning

Connect with others on a similar journey to you, breaking out of old patterns, working towards big goals. This action learning is like coaching but taken to a whole new level. Bringing challenges out to the group to be met with curiosity, questions and support. Opening the possibility of new thought, inspired action and transformation. 

This is a unique experience that I can guarantee you have never been a part of before. 

Taking Expressions of interest now.  

Starting Soon

Truth Talks – Inspiring Stories

Sharing stories has been part of the fabric of human culture for centuries. It is a way to learn, be inspired, see the depth of resilience, love and strength that lies within each of us. 

Join us for Truth Talks as we share inspiring stories. 

Community Events – Coming Soon