January 28, 2024 6:00 pm - March 3, 2024 7:30 pm Online

Our Universal Human Needs form the foundation of our behaviour, motivation, our relationships, our communication, and ultimately the creation of a meaningful and fulfilling life. By knowing our needs clearly we are better able to understand ourselves and the challenges that we face in everyday life.

Finding our unique expression of needs through creativity and journaling is vital to deeply understanding how best to meet our own needs. Suitable for artists and non artists alike, the activities are nurturing, expansive and fun. This six week meander will take you through new terrain as you creatively explore your human needs

Join us for the next round of this amazing program.

Meet Your Facilitators

Karen Plumbe

I have been working in the areas of mental health, health promotion, and health education for many years. I love bringing people together to learn and grow. Recently I completed a Graduate Diploma in Psychology and the Mindful Self-Compassion teacher training. I have also managed and attended several Buddhist meditation retreats with various teachers and enjoy my practice. I have facilitated several ONGO groups and attended training in Non-Violent Communication, I enjoy the opportunity to practice these skills regularly.

Linda Nolan –

Linda Nolan is a local Riverina artist who draws inspiration from the natural beauty of the region to inspire her art and teaching practice. Linda has a special talent of expressing emotion through her artworks, inviting the observer into connection with the art and within themselves. In this exhibition she uses watercolours which reflect the beauty of Australian hues and the natural environment to bring each of the needs to life in an evocative way. The gentle tones and relaxed form invite us to take time in contemplation, to seek depth and meaning through connection with our inner experience.

Starting 28th January 2024


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