Compassion is noticing the suffering of another or ourselves together with the wish to alleviate that suffering.

I began my journey with compassion about 5 years ago now. I was working supporting two wonderful local psychologists to organise a Mindful Self-Compassion Course in my local area. I had heard about compassion prior to this but not really felt the powerful effects that it would have on me and the many people that I saw attend those courses over the years. 

Prior to attending this course I was not aware that there was another (dare I say more effective) way to overcome challenges, motivate myself to be better and pick myself up when I was feeling useless than the inner critic. My inner critic was well versed in the ways that I could improve, change and make myself better. In fact I think that was the most common voice I heard in my head throughout my life. 

The Mindful-Self Compassion Course taught me that there was another way, that when I was able to be kind to myself when I was already feeling bad that sometimes I felt better, I was able to bring more resources and new ideas to the situation or I was more willing to get up and try again. At worst the only thing that happened was I didn’t make myself feel worse. 

I have now attended the course as a participant 4 times and I am currently undertaking to do the training myself to become a teacher and share this powerful tool to others. I really love that one of my teachers says it is about supporting participants to restore their inner authority. To look kindly upon themselves in the midst of struggle and trust that with kindness and compassion they will find the best path forward for them. 

The three major components of Mindful Self-Compassion are Mindfulness, being present and aware to see and feel our present moment experience. Kindness, extending kindness and care to ourselves and others in a moment of struggle and Common Humanity, we notice that all people experience moments of suffering and that we can extend compassion and kindness in the hopes to alleviate that suffering. 

I am feeling extremely blessed that I can walk this journey of compassion and mindfulness and look forward to being a full trained teacher and provide this resource to others. I am certainly grateful that I have learned it for myself albeit rather late in life. 


Dalai Lama

If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.