Awakening Needs Program Next Round 18th October


As human beings, we all have needs that must be met. When our needs are not met in relationships, in work, and in life we experience dissatisfaction, unhappiness, and at its worst disfunction.

Understanding universal human needs forms the foundation of non-violent communication. But more importantly knowing how to meet our own needs and that of the people that we care about forms the foundation of a deep, rich and meaningful life.

The meeting needs challenges are designed to break down each need, to support learning about what the need is, how we like this need to be met and how to recognise this need in others.

When we have the ability to recognise our own needs, how we can meet them, how to communicate them we form the foundation of functional relationships and fulfilling life.

Disfunction happens when we place the burden of meeting our needs onto other people without really knowing how we would like that need met in our own life.

A new need will be offered each month. Find out more about the needs challenges with this free download.

You can join for one month or join for the year.