Navigating Anxiety and Depression


This evening we will hear from Dr Gull Herzberg, Stephen Cooke and Rowena Bianchino as they share their knowledge and wisdom on how best to manage Anxiety and Depression.



Mental Illness is common in our community and often brings with it much misunderstanding and stigma. The effects of the illness can at times be exacerbated by often well intended advise to get on with it or a lack of practical support (like cooking a meal) which comes with other types of illnesses or challenging life events.

This education evening will provide a much needed opportunity for open conversation, Q and A sessions, and sharing of knowledge and ways that we can support one another. Mental Illness can often be a challenging illness to navigate with variability of symptoms and a wide range of strategies required to maintain wellness, beyond medication.

Dr Gull, Stephen and Rowena will be joining together to support attendees in learning more about the factors that contribute to poor mental health and navigate the many tools and support available to manage and recover from Mental Illness for less than a consultation fee.

Do you have the tools you need if you or someone you care about gets diagnosed with a mental illness?


Boambee East Community Centre, Bruce King Drive, Boambee East 

The Boambee East Community Centre is a vital hub for the local community, offering a wide range of services to support and empower people.


Thursday 26th September, 6.30pm

 The evening will commence with 20 minute presentations from each of the speakers. This we will be followed by an interactive panel Q and A session where you can ask the speakers your questions. How often can you see a Doctor, a naturopath and a psychotherapist share their knowledge and contribute to the discussion at the same time?


Everyone is welcome to attend

This a community event, created to educate, inspire discussion, and bring the community together around a very important topic, mental Illness.

Health Education

This event provides a unique opportunity for participants to hear from multiple health professionals sharing their knowledge on the same topic. 

The panel session will provide time to ask your questions and see the power of a collaborative approach when working with complex conditions such as Anxiety and Depression


What Mental Health needs is more sunlight, more candor, and more unashamed conversation. Glenn Close


Stephen offers some of the most advanced naturopathic care available including the latest functional pathology and testing services and cutting edge approaches in bio-medicine, digestive healing and nutritional therapies. Stephen’s consultations are supportive, positive and encouraging. His approach includes expertise in Vega testing, herbal and nutrient supplementation, energy medicines, dietary strategies, and lifestyle recommendations.

Gull is a GP living and working on the mid north coast of New South Wales . A disproportionately large number of patients who see him have chronic illness with symptoms of pain, chronic fatigue, cognitive dysfunction and mood disturbance, In a wide range of diagnoses, despite their current treatment. Over the past few years patients have increasingly been asking about the use of cannabis to treat their conditions, or at least their symptoms, especially in the light of much international experience.

Rowena Bianchino is a psychotherapist, counsellor, social worker, group therapist, educator and founding clinician at Harbour Therapy Clinic, Coffs Harbour . Her practice is primarily within the existential tradition of psychotherapy, counselling and social work. This mode of practice combines the science of psychology, with an understanding of neuroscience and the mind/body connection, filtered through a philosophical lense. Rowena believes that every client is unique and that there is no one size fits all response to healing from mental illness. She is passionate about therapy and her work, which is guided primarily by the client’s own wisdom and where they find themselves in the world.