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Have you been on a massive learning journey yourself and would now like to take things next level within a safe and supportive community. We are hear to help you too. 


Our first offerings are the thrive group which meets regularly to support you in overcoming challenges. This group uses the action learning facilitation process in which I am trained to solve problems and take your goals to next level. I describe it as having a team of coaches on your side. Expressions of interest now being take to join the next group. This experience will take you next level so be ready. 

Alternatively you can become a speaker at Truth Talks sharing your story, your insights, your learning. This is for everyday women who have an experience to share (everyone) you don’t need to be the best speaker or to have a business to be a speaker with truth talks. This is about you giving a voice to your experience. We all grow by hearing real stories. 


Thrive group – Action Learning

Become an inspirational speaker

Ready to Thrive and Inspire

Get in contact today and we will make a time to get to know one another, to hear your story and share the vision of building community together. Like to join the thrive group we are taking expressions of interest now. 

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