May 6, 2024 7:00 pm - July 22, 2024 8:30 pm Online

I will be hosting an ONGO group starting in May 2024. This is an opportunity to come together and practice the skills of Non Violent Communication, Understanding needs and ways to build healthy relationships.

We meet weekly for 12 weeks in a group session. there are weekly buddy sessions and individual home practices as part of the group. there is no cost but you will need to purchase an ONGO book.

What if “peace, compassion, and wisdom” wasn’t just a slogan on a book cover but actually your everyday experience?

What if you were able to make a real difference in your family, community, and the world, by embodying those qualities in your words and actions?

The book offers a progression of short, simple, and doable practices for readers to incorporate into their daily lives over the course of three months. Practices like mindfulness meditation, Nonviolent Communication, gratitude, and forgiveness are explained in clear, ordinary language, with an emphasis on how they can be applied in everyday life situations. From basic body awareness to making boundaries and speaking truth, The Ongo Book explores both the practical and the profound, with accessible yet deep learning for beginners and experienced practitioners alike.

Meet Your Facilitator

Karen Plumbe

I have been working in the areas of mental health, health promotion, and health education for many years. I love bringing people together to learn and grow. Recently I completed a Graduate Diploma in Psychology and the Mindful Self-Compassion teacher training. I have also managed and attended several Buddhist meditation retreats with various teachers and enjoy my practice. I have facilitated several ONGO groups and attended training in Non-Violent Communication, I enjoy the opportunity to practice these skills regularly.

Starting May 2024