Awakening Needs Cards




Box set of 40 hand-painted cards depicting the essence of our shared human needs such as love, respect, gratitude, nourishment, and more. A description booklet explaining the needs and some journaling questions to support the exploration of our human needs.

Great for those learning and training in Non-Violent Communication or ONGO or on a personal development journey.

Needs are universal and fundamental and form the basis for connecting with the world, maintaining our wellbeing, and expressing our uniqueness. Needs are natural and instinctual, the foundation or drivers of human behaviour, motivation, and emotions. The opportunity with awakening needs is to examine more closely what needs we have, how we like them to be satisfied, and what a difference it can make to our lives when they are.

An example of the artwork on the cards can be seen below.  (images for trust, presence and respect shown)

Artwork also available in A3 size prints ready for framing.